It can generally go without saying that dust is one of the most unwanted things that you can have in the house. Unfortunately, dust builds up quite quickly, especially depending on where you are in the room. One of the most annoying places where dust tends to form is on the blinds to your window. To make sure that your windows are looking as good as possible, you will want to make sure that you dust them regularly.

However, before you can begin dusting your blinds, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For one, you should never, ever use a feather duster when you are dusting anything from your ceiling fan to your blinds. Feather dusters don’t actually absorb the dust, it just spreads it around in the air, which can make matters significantly worse for people who have sensitivities and allergies to dust.

Rather than using feather dusters to try and get the dust off of your blinds, there are a few other options that you should try instead. Some dusters are better suited to cleaning your entire house, while there are some dusters that are made specifically to handle the blinds. Before you can go shopping for dusters, you should know what the most important parts of a duster that is meant to dust the blinds are. This will ultimately help you on your search for the perfect duster.

What Kind of Materials Should You Be Looking For?

There are two main aspects that you will need to focus on when you are searching for dusters for your blinds. First things first, the material that you should be relying on is microfiber. Microfiber cloth is one of the best materials you can use for dusting for a number of reasons, ranging from how well it can absorb the dust, to how lightweight it is. If you have fragile blinds, you won’t have to worry about microfiber damaging them in the slightest.

Additionally, you will want to look for dusters that can reach high places. Essentially, this means that you are going to want to look for a duster with an extendable handle. This will help you reach those nooks and crannies in the blinds that you might not be able to reach otherwise. Keep in mind that if the handle is too long on the duster, it can be harder to control. You should take the overall size of your window into consideration when you are trying to decide which duster is best for your situation.

Now that you have a good idea of what you are looking for, you should give some thought to the different kinds of dusters out there. There are a fair few different dusters that can get the job done, and which one is best for you will depend entirely on factors such as budget, quality, and the longevity of the materials. These will all be different areas to look at when you look at individual dusters.

Considering a Telescoping Duster

There are some types of dusters out there that are designed to not only be extendable, but flexible enough that you can choose how the duster portion looks. What this means is that you can choose the way the duster looks so that you can get to any nooks behind furniture without having to climb over anything in the process. For families that live in smaller or more cluttered houses, having a duster that can bend to reach hard-to-get areas is something that can make life easier for everyone.

Because of this feature, no matter if you have horizontal or vertical blinds, you will easily be able to clean both sides of the blinds without having to throw dust everywhere into the air. This is helpful for people who have vertical blinds, which are sometimes much harder to clean because of their shape. With a telescoping duster, you can rest assured knowing that you can position the duster to reach the areas you need.

The only large downside to this duster is the fact that you are going to have to wash it by hand. While this doesn’t take all that much more time out of the day, it is something to be aware of so that you do not accidentally ruin your duster. Speaking of the duster, you can find it here, Before you know it, you will have the perfect duster for reaching all of those blind spots that you simply aren’t flexible enough to reach anymore.

Considering a Versatile Duster

Depending on the layout and design of your house, you might find that it is easier to clean some blinds with a damp cloth, rather than dusting. It can be a major pain to try and switch from one cleaning method to the other. Thankfully, there are dusters out there that are compatible with both dry and damp cleaning, and can reach just about any of your blinds.

This particular duster is one that is incredibly versatile in the sense that you can adjust the height, decide which one of the dusters you want at the other end of the handle, and that it works with both dry and damp cleaning. There are two heads to use depending on which one suits your needs better at the time, with one of the heads being far more suitable for damp cleaning thran the other. The handle itself can extend from 24 inches to 49 inches, allowing you to reach all parts of your blinds, no matter how tall they might be.

One thing that you will have to consider is that changing out the different cleaning heads is not always the easiest process, and for people who want a hassle-free cleaning job, this might be problematic. Over time, there’s a good chance that you would get used to changing the cleaning heads, but it is definitely something to keep in mind when you are searching for a convenient duster that doesn’t cause more problems than it’s worth. You can find this particular duster here.

Considering a Large Duster

Sometimes, you might just want to get the dusting job done as quick as possible. After all, nobody particularly enjoys cleaning out their house, and especially not cleaning the blinds. One of the best ways to get around this issue is to consider a duster with a much larger head than all of its competition. When you are working with a larger duster, it will end up covering more surface, which will make the cleaning go by considerably faster.

In addition to this, this particular duster can also extend quite a bit more than other dusters in its league, going up to about 64 inches at its maximum height. No matter how tall your blinds are, there’s a very good chance that you will easily be able to clean every single little part of the blinds with something that has this much reach. The head of the duster can also snap at an angle, making it easier to clean ledges and areas that you might not be able to get to easily.

One thing that you should always pay attention to when you are searching for dusters is how you should wash them. Over time, the duster is going to become so full of dust that you only end up spreading more dust when you try to clean it out. This is why most people put the duster heads in the washing machine. However, this isn’t going to work for this particular duster, which you can find here. Instead, you are going to have to clean the duster the old-fashioned way: by hand.

Why Should You Be Dusting Your Blinds?

The reason why you should be dusting your blinds is the exact same reason why you should be dusting the rest of your home. Dust is not only unsightly, but it can cause quite a few health issues, especially in people who have issues with allergies and their respiratory system. In particular, dust on the blinds can be particularly off-putting. When you open the blinds and the window to let some air and sunshine in, you might end up inadvertently spreading all of the built-up dust on the blinds to the rest of the room.

This dust can cause quite a few issues with the lungs, ranging from a mild irritation to a rather annoying cough. For people who have allergies, dust is a very common trigger, making it all the more important to try and keep a home completely dust-free. The same applies to people who might have asthma. Dust is a very common trigger for asthma attacks which can be potentially life-threatening if the asthma is severe enough.

If you want to make sure that your home looks good, and that everyone inside of your house feels good, one of the best things that you can do is dust your house regularly. Part of dusting your house regularly is going to include making sure that you dust off your blinds, however unimportant they might seem. Before you know it, you will notice the impact that your clean and dust-free blinds have on your house.

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