Although dish drying racks are still the most conventional way to dry dishes, drying mats are also becoming popular as of late. Mats use up less space than drying racks do, making them a great choice for people with smaller kitchens. However, many are concerned about dish drying mats being a breeding ground for bacteria. So, are dish drying mats sanitary?

Dish drying mats are made of materials that absorb liquid. For them to remain clean and sanitary, you must dry them out after each use and wash them often. However, if you pay attention to that, you can rest assured that your drying mats will stay bacteria-free. Read on to learn more about the types of drying mats and ways to keep them sanitary.

About Dish Drying Mats

Dish drying mats are an alternative to drying racks and other ways of dish drying. The main benefit of dish drying mats is the fact that they’re easily foldable and don’t take up too much space. That’s why many people with small kitchens are opting for mats instead of the big and bulky drying racks.

If your kitchen doesn’t have a large countertop area, a drying mat may be a great choice for you. You can place your dishes on it until they dry and put the mat away when you need to prepare food. Additionally, the mats come in many colors and prints. Therefore, you can choose the mat that will fit the color scheme in your kitchen, and it can even double as decor.

How to Keep Your Dish Drying Mats Clean

If you want to get a dish drying mat, you may find it hard to decide on which kind of mat is right for you. Let’s take a look at the three main types of dish drying mats and how you can keep them clean.

Microfiber Drying Mats

Microfiber dish drying mats have quite a few benefits. They absorb a lot of moisture, and they offer the greatest variety of colors and prints. They are also a great choice if you have a lot of delicate dishes. Microfiber drying mats are quite soft, which protects both your dishes and your countertop from scratches.

Additionally, microfiber mats are machine washable and they dry quickly. However, if you decide to get a microfiber drying mat, you will have to wash it frequently if you want to keep it sanitary. Microfiber collects water and, unless you dry and wash it often, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Silicone Drying Mats

Silicone mats are a great choice for those who use a lot of mugs and glasses. They are usually ribbed, meaning air circulates more, making the dishes dry faster. If you choose a silicone mat, you can rest assured your mugs and glasses won’t fog up on the inside due to the lack of airflow.

However, silicone mats have a few faults, as well. Firstly, you can only wash them in a dishwasher. If you don’t own one, you may have a hard time keeping a silicone mat sanitized. Still, if you do opet for a silicone mat and you don’t have a dishwasher, you can keep it clean by wiping it down with alcohol and disinfectants often.

Another downside is that they may clash with your kitchen decor. If you don’t like the look of silicone but still want the benefits of silicone mats, you can opt for a neutral color that won’t clash with your kitchen too much.

Bamboo Drying Mats

When you think of drying mats, bamboo may not be the first material that comes to your mind. However, if you’re wondering whether dish drying mats are sanitary, bamboo mats may be the perfect choice for you. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, meaning bacteria and mold will develop at a much slower rate. Additionally, if you notice dirt and mold buildup, you can clean them easily, using a bar of soap and warm water.

However, bamboo dish drying mats have a rather distinct look. If your kitchen has a lot of steel appliances and silver or black countertops, bamboo may stand out too much. However, if your kitchen has wooden elements and a rustic feel to it, a bamboo mat will fit in perfectly.

So, Are Dish Drying Mats Sanitary?

Yes, if you maintain them properly. No matter if you choose bamboo, silicone, or a microfiber mat, make sure you clean it often. However, if you keep it clean, you can rest assured that both your drying mat and your dishes will stay clean and sanitary.

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