Dusting sprays for electronics are essential to the maintenance of our cool, high-tech devices. Besides, who doesn’t want to make sure that their trusty tablet or favorite gaming console is able to work at its optimal setting?

That’s right. Dusting sprays for electronics are crucial to keeping your electronic devices functional, as well as your own well-being. Issues such as moisture build-up, malfunction, overheating, and system failure are just some of the negative effects of dust on your electronics.

To learn more about the detrimental effects of dust, how to avoid them, and which dusting sprays to invest in, keep on reading this article.

Dust Can Damage Your Electronics

Those tiny compartments, hard-to-reach spots, and extremely tight airways on our electronics are magnets for dust particles. You may not have heard this before, but dust can cause a whole bunch of problems to your computer. And not just your computer — it can severely damage most other devices, too. Here are some examples of how:

Dust Absorbs Moisture

One of the main reasons dust can have such detrimental effects on our electronics is that it can absorb moisture. It can also contain other minerals, as well as organic materials such as carbon. That can very easily lead to corrosion, and ultimately the complete failure of an electronic device. The worst part is that this situation is entirely avoidable with the occasional use of a dusting spray.


The build-up of dust particles is actually the most common cause of an overheated electronic device. For example, when these particles pile up between the fans of a computer or a laptop, they end up trapping too much heat. A majority of the components of these devices need cool air in order to function. So, when they are exposed to temperatures that are way too high, they become much more susceptible to malfunctions.

But beware, age-old dust build-up is a threat to not only  your electronic devices but also  your own health. Even if you are not directly inhaling the dust that has accumulated in and around your electronics, you are still breathing in the tiny particles. That can easily irritate your lungs, or worse.

So, if you want a truly clean home or workplace, you better start cleaning those vents and other dust-collecting compartments from your electronic devices. Otherwise, those electronics won’t last nearly as long and you might even end up with a cough.

Keeping Your Electronic Devices Clean and Dust-Free

You would be amazed at the amount of grime that can accumulate within even a single device. Those who have ever attempted to clean their electronics know what I’m talking about. I mean, do you really want to be breathing all of that stuff in? I certainly don’t.

By now, you probably understand why proper maintenance is essential to any electronic device. Cleaning is a part of proper maintenance. So, what should you do to really keep your devices clean? How do you get to all of those hard-to-reach compartments without damaging your device?

That is where dusting sprays for electronics come in really handy. With the help of a high-quality dusting spray, you will be able to blow away and clean even the smallest dust particles from your devices. And the best part? Most of them are extremely easy to use.

Before, I would have to work with tiny brushes, vacuums that are too big, and countless other cleaning materials in order to get to the bottom of the dirt. Now, I can just use a modern dusting spray that is specifically designed for cleaning electronic devices. All I need to do is start blowing the spray in the right direction, and watch the dust disappear. It is as easy as that!

Essential Features of a Quality Dusting Spray

If the concept of cleaning out your electronic devices is relatively new to you, there is no need to worry. There is a first time for everything, after all. Here, I will explain the aspects you really want to be looking for in a good-quality dusting spray.

Electric vs. Canned

Just by reading this title, you can safely assume that there are electric and canned options out there. But, what is the difference, really?

Canned compressed air or gas dusters usually come in a pack, and have about 10 ounces each. On average, one can should be enough to clean more than one electronic device, but less than five. I recommend this option to those people who don’t need to clean their electronics frequently. It is also a better option for those who are new to cleaning products for such devices.

The reason I would suggest the canned option to beginners is that they are disposable, and come at a much lower price. Electric dusting sprays, however, are an investment. The obvious benefit is that they offer the option of multiple and continuous use. In addition to that, most electric dusting sprays are better for the environment.

Bitter Is Better

Some canned dusting sprays for electronics come with a slightly unpleasant, bitter smell. That is what you want. Compressed gas dusting sprays may contain dangerous substances. Bitterants are added in order to discourage inhalant or ingestion abuse, as well as to help keep children away from it.

Best Dusting Sprays for Electronics

There is a wide range of dusting sprays for electronics to choose from. In order to better understand which option is right for you, I have reviewed some of the most popular dusters from Amazon. This is what I think about them:

1. OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster

In my opinion, this is the best dusting spray for electronics out there. The OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster is a great investment, because it is electric and you can use it over and over again. It completely replaces spray gas cans, whilst remaining easy to handle. Also, it is the most ecologically friendly option.

2. Rosewill Compressed Air Duster

The Rosewill Compressed Air Duster comes in a pack of up to four cans, and each of them contains 10 ounces. What I really like about this product is that it does not have any CFC’s, inhalants, propane, butane, or any other such substances. The bitter smell of the gas makes it even safer for use, as it is aimed at discouraging inhalant abuse. However, you should still keep it out of reach from children.

3. Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Compressed Gas Duster

The Falcon Dust-Off is quite similar to the Rosewill Compressed Air Duster. Both come in packs of 10 ounce cans, and contain bitterants in order to prevent inhalant abuse. The benefit of this compressed gas duster is that it does come at a slightly cheaper price. It may not be as effective, but it will get the job done.

4. XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro

This duster is marketed for its ability to be used for multiple purposes. With a total of nine different nozzle attachments, it truly can be used for a wide range of tasks. Another aspect which makes the XPOWER A-2 Airrow Pro stand out is that it offers users an option of two different speed controls.


The process of removing dust from your electronic devices does not have to be hard, and neither does keeping them clean. If you know where to look and what kind of products to invest in, cleaning your electronics is as easy as cake. Thankfully, there are numerous dusting sprays to choose from.

New electronic devices are being invented and created every day. Technology really has come far. But, it is time for us to start being more responsible with these devices. As tools that we use practically all the time, it would be a lie to say that we are not dependent on them in any way.

The use of electronics has become an important aspect of our day to day lives, and we should treat our devices with more care. Whether you opt for an electric duster over a canned pack of compressed air/gas, one thing is for certain. You are making the right choice by deciding to refresh your computers, phones and other gadgets.

The decision to invest in proper cleaning tools such as dusting sprays comes with many benefits. You are not only preventing your devices from malfunctioning but also making sure that you stay healthy. In addition to that, you get to enjoy using a safer and longer lasting device, while nurturing positive habits. Hopefully, my article has helped you in making that decision and you have learnt something new.

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