No one likes opening their closet and taking their favorite sweater, only to see it riddled with holes. Moths will eat the fibers and create holes in your clothes, making them unwearable. But no need to worry. Like with any other pest, there’s a way to deal with clothes moths effectively.

You could use different methods, one of the most popular ones being mothballs. They work really well, and you can even buy them online, but before using them inside your house, you need to consider certain health factors.

Here is all you need to know about mothballs and some alternative ways of getting rid of moths.

What Are Mothballs and Should You Use Them Inside?

Before putting a handful of mothballs inside your closet, let’s first see what they are in the first place.

Mothballs are pesticides used for killing clothes moths. They are made of two ingredients, naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, both effective moth repellents. But the problem is that they are super detrimental to your health, as well.

Naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene are fumigants, meaning they will turn into vapor at room temperature.

But although both are dangerous, naphthalene is far more hazardous of the two. It can make you feel dizzy, nauseous and even cause severe problems, like hemolytic anemia, liver and kidney damage. It’s also thought to be a carcinogen.

So, now to answer the question if you should use mothballs inside. To put it simply — absolutely not. You should avoid using mothballs in open closets, attics, wall voids, and other spaces. They should only be used in closed containers so that the chemicals can’t get into the air. That way, you will kill the moths without harming yourself or others in the house.

However, if you still have to use them, one or two should be enough depending on the size of the room. In that case, be sure to leave the room and air it out after the mothball has done its job. That way, you will minimize the negative effects of the chemicals.

What’s more, keep the pesticide in a locked cabinet away from children. Mothballs sometimes come in vibrant colors, so kids might mistake them for candy and eat some. But they can significantly harm kids’ health as they damage red blood cells.

Alternative Ways of Dealing With Moths

Not being able to use mothballs inside your house doesn’t mean you can’t deal with moths in another way. Here are some things you can do:

  • Clean thoroughly
  • Store your clothes properly
  • Use a natural moth repellent
  • Fight the moths with a natural moth killer
  • Repeat these steps every season

1. Clean Thoroughly

Moths like dark places where no one can disturb them. One of these places is, you guessed it, your closet. But the whole thing, not just the part you use every day. So take the clothes out, check all the dark corners of your wardrobe for moths and larvae and clean them.

2. Store Your Clothes Properly

Moths are attracted to protein in skin cells, which they can find in the clothes we wear. So next time you pack your clothes into the closet, don’t put the ones you wore before washing them.

3. Use a Natural Moth Repellent

Moths don’t like natural oils, so spraying those in your closet, drawers, or around the house can help you deal with these pests. Additionally, you can use lavender, mint, and cedarwood to repel moths.

4. Fight the Moths with a Natural Moth Killer

If you need to kill the moths in your closet, you can use Pest Control Spray. It’s very effective and, most importantly, all-natural. And if you would like something different, steam can help you with your moth problem, as well.

 5. Repeat These Steps Every Season

Repeat all the above steps after the change of every season. That’s the best way to keep your closet, and your house in general, moth-free.

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