For a while, after new windows are installed, they will give you a great experience. Opening up and closing the window is easy and convenient. Unfortunately, this experience does not always last. Dust tends to build upon the sides of the window. As the dust accumulates, you will start to notice that the window squeaks when you open or close it. There are, of course, other reasons for squeaky windows too. 

If you are looking to find some home remedies for squeaky house windows, then you should really start your journey by first understanding why this problem happens in the first place. This article explores the common reasons why house windows become squeaky. We will also consider a few excellent ways that you can get rid of the squeaky sound and look at methods that can help to prevent the problem from occurring again. 

Why Does Your House Have Squeaky Windows?

We will start by considering some of the most common reasons why Windows may become squeaky in your house. 

In the majority of cases, a squeak develops when you open or close a window in your house. The reason is a collection of dust at the sides of the window. The dust will usually start to accumulate in the frame of the window. The squeaky noise that you hear when you move the window is caused by the dust particles grinding against each other, as well as against the frame itself. 

As time goes by and you continue to use the window without doing anything about the problem, rust may also develop. This is where a more significant concern comes into play. When your window frame becomes rusted, the squeaking sound will usually start to worsen as time goes by. One issue that we have to note here is that there may be rust present on the inside of the window frame, even if no rust can be seen through an outside look at the window. 

In addition to these two common problems that can cause windows to become squeaky, you should take note that an improper fitting of your window can also be problematic. If the window has a tight fit into the frame, the materials may scratch against each other when you open or close it. This, in turn, can also lead to that annoying squeaking sound. 

Why Is It Important to Be Concerned About Squeaky Windows?

Once you understand why your windows may be squeaky upon opening and closing, you should also equip yourself with the knowledge of why it is so important to look at some home remedies for squeaky windows. 

Getting this problem fixed early on can help to save you a significant amount of money. The reason for this is usually linked to cases where the sound made by the window is caused by rust. When affected by rust, the sound will become worse over time. The reason the squeaky sound becomes worse is that the rust will continue to develop and also become worse. 

If you fail to take appropriate action and implement methods to take care of these squeaky sounds, the rust may soon start to take over the window frame. This can lead to severe damage to your window and the frame that holds it in place. 

Ultimately, ignoring the squeaking sound and simply trying to ignore the problem at hand might lead to a scenario where you would have to replace the window completely. In such a case, the expenses that you will incur for the replacement of your window will be much more significant compared to a scenario where you implement home remedies for squeaky house windows when you first notice the presence of these sounds. 

Top Home Remedies for Squeaky House Windows

Fixing a squeaky window can be somewhat challenging in certain cases, as the cause may be linked to different factors. This is why the process of finding the right method to use when looking to learn more about home remedies for squeaky house windows is to do some investigating. 

Removing the window from its frame is definitely a useful step that you should consider taking. When you remove the window, it is possible to get a better view of any particles that might have become stuck on the sides of the frame. 

You should note that the removal of a window depends on the specific type of windows that are installed in your house. If the windows are old, the wheels that help them slide up and down maybe rusted and could make it difficult actually to remove the window. If this is the case, make sure you push the window completely up before you attempt to remove the wheel. 

In addition to examining the sides of the frame where the window slides up and down, make sure you take a closer look at the wheels as well. Even though such a basic accessory, a rusted or damaged wheel can cause a squeaky sound on its own. 

Once you have examined the situation, you can decide what the best course of action would be to fix the problem. There are different ways to get rid of squeaky windows at home – you want to take advantage of the methods that are appropriate for the specific windows and their condition that you have fitted in your house. 

Clean Out the Frame Sides

The first step that you should take after removing the window is to clean the sides of the frame thoroughly. In fact, now that you have the opportunity, clean the entire window and the frame. Make sure you use an appropriate set of products that will help to clean the frame of your window effectively – the right products will ensure you can get rid of any dust particles that might be trapped and causing the windows to squeak. 

The Rienar Window Track Cleaning Brushes would definitely be one of the first products to get your hands on. These brushes have special bristles that can get into those hard-to-reach places that are found in the window frame. 

You also need a good cleaning solution to keep the frame with. Make sure to take into account the material used in the construction of the window frame. The AL-NEW Aluminum Restoration Solution is an excellent choice if your window frames are made from aluminum material. The Full Crystal Kit is a good option if you are not sure which cleaning detergent to buy – it comes with crystal powder, as well as a bottle that you can use to clean out your window frame. 

Take a closer look at the window frame and see if it is affected by rust. If this is the case, then you definitely need to use a rust solution as well, such as the Rust Kutter, a powerful detergent that is able to help stop the spreading of rust and assist with the cleaning of existing rust. 

Replace the Wheels

While it might be tempting to just put everything back into place once you have removed and cleaned the window and the frame, you should consider replacing the wheels. There are different types of wheels on the market, so you should make sure you find one that matches the existing wheels that are already installed in your window frame. 

These wheels are generally cheap. A pack of two Prime-Line Products G 3106 Sliding Window Roller Assembly Steel Center Groove Wheels cost less than $6, for example. The same brand sells other types of window wheels, such as the Sliding Window Roller Assembly with Nylon Housing, or the roller with a Flat Steel Ball Bearing Wheel

These products are generally also available at any hardware store in your local area too. If possible, try to take the existing wheels that were installed in your window with you when you go out to buy a new set of wheels. This will help the staff at the hardware store provide you with wheels that will be fully compatible with your windows – ensuring a better fit, which leads to less of a risk in messing up the reinstallation of the window. 


When windows in your house start to squeak upon opening and closing them, it is not only the annoying sound that needs to be taken into account. The squeaking sound often means there are dust and rust that have been collected at the sides of the window. The sound is sure to become worse as time progress and could soon lead to damage. Learning more about home remedies for squeaky house windows early on can help to prevent damage that may lead to the need for a complete window replacement. 

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