If you have bathroom rugs that you adore, you’ll naturally want to make sure you care for the rugs properly, and that includes washing them whenever necessary. Because they’re in the bathroom, these rugs can gather a lot of dirt and grime, not to mention a lot of bacteria. Fortunately, rugs made specifically for the bathroom are usually made extra-tough, which means you can keep them there for long periods of time before you have to stick them in the washing machine.

Of course, eventually you will have to clean your bathroom rugs, and when you do, a common question to ask is, can you wash your bathroom rugs with your towels? The answer to this question is not only “yes,” but in fact, it is a good idea to wash bathroom rugs only with your towels or other types of rugs.

What Type of Care Do Bathroom Rugs Need?

Bathroom rugs can be made out of a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester microfibers, chenille, nylon, or even bamboo. With rare exceptions, bathroom rugs are made to go right into the washing machine whenever they are dirty. Many bathroom rugs also have a rubberized backing to help them stay on the floor without slipping and moving around, but they are still able to be cleaned in your washer.

Although they are usually very rugged, you still need to clean your bathroom rugs regularly so that they don’t become bogged down with stains or start to look dull. The first thing you need to do when you notice the rugs need a good cleaning is check their labels for cleaning instructions. Although most rugs can be thrown in the washer and dryer, some have limitations that you need to know about before you get started.

Can You Wash Them with Towels?

If you’re curious as to whether you can wash your rugs with towels, you can certainly do so in most cases. In fact, it isn’t a good idea to wash your bathroom rugs with anything except either towels or other bathroom rugs. Bathroom rugs produce a lot of lint when being cleaned, and the last thing you want is for that lint to be all over your clothes when you’re done cleaning them.

Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Rugs

Before you put your bathroom rugs into the washing machine, you should go outside and shake them out real good so most of the dirt and dust can be removed. You certainly don’t want this dust and dirt going into your washing machine. After you do that, and after you’ve read the washing instructions thoroughly so you don’t miss anything important, you can put the rugs into the washer.

Yet another tip is to go ahead and wash at least two bathroom rugs at a time. Because most bathroom rugs aren’t exactly huge, you can place more than one of them in the washer without it becoming too crowded. In addition, it can create a better balance for the washing machine so that it doesn’t get off-kilter and make you listen to that annoying buzzing sound that won’t go off until you go into your laundry room and press the button.

Other Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Also, pay close attention to the dryer temperatures once the rugs are placed in the dryer. If you can air dry the rugs without it taking too long, you’re better off doing this. In any case, you should never dry bathroom rugs on high heat, even if you’re washing them with towels. Try a medium heat at the most.

Other important tips to remember when you’re cleaning your bathroom rugs include never using bleach on the rugs, even if the towels in the dryer with them are white. Even light-colored rugs can be ruined by bleach, and it can even ruin the fabric itself in many cases. In other words, do yourself a favor and skip the bleach when you’re washing your bathroom rugs.


Washing bathroom rugs is not difficult, and they can certainly be washed with your towels, although washing them with other items in your laundry basket is usually not recommended. Use the right detergent and be careful of the heat in the dryer, and if you follow all of these suggestions, your bathroom rugs should come out clean and fluffy every time.

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