It is all fun and games to play around with your pet in the house until he pees at the wrong place. Pet urine contains ammonia that can stink up the whole house, especially if you do not clean it up soon. Luckily, there are some readily available products such as vinegar that you can use to eliminate the pungent pet urine smell.

Vinegar will help remove the pet urine smell. It will neutralize the odor and stains, leaving the air fresh without fading the color of the surface you are cleaning. The amount of vinegar you use to remove the smell is determined by the extent of the pet urine smell.

Cleaning pet urine smell is the best way to control the odor from spreading to other parts of the house. Therefore, you should know how to act fast when using vinegar, among the other products, to remove the pet smell. Keep reading for more information on this.

Steps of Cleaning Pet Urine Smell Using Vinegar

As mentioned earlier, vinegar neutralizes pet urine smell and is an ideal cleaning solution when a pet’s urine accidents happen. With the right materials and steps, you will eliminate the urine smell before it becomes a bother. The steps to follow are:

1. Dry the Pet Urine

If the pet has just peed, the first thing you should do is to dry the urine.

  1. Use a paper towel and blot over the urine to dry it.
  2. Avoid rubbing over the urine since this will make it spread over to other areas, making it harder for you to clean it.
  3. Get a fresh paper towel to replace the one you are using if it is no longer soaking up the urine.
  4. Continue the process until it is dry and only a stain is left.

2. Use the Vinegar

You will need a vinegar solution to remove the pet urine.

  1. Get a basin or bottle where you will form the solution.
  2. Mix water and vinegar to develop a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution.
  3. When the solution is ready, soak the urine-stained area with it.

Soaking the vinegar helps lift the stain off the surface. Additionally, vinegar neutralizes the ammonia in pet urine, thus eliminating the smell.

After soaking vinegar in the stained area, you should clean the area thoroughly. Thorough cleaning will help ensure that you eliminate any pet urine.

Take some time in this process to make sure that you do not leave behind any urine stains, or you will have to redo the process. In case the urine smell is too much, let the vinegar concentration be higher than the water concentration.

3. Pour Some Baking Soda

After cleaning, pour some baking soda on the stain and do this when it is still wet. If it has started to dry, you can add some vinegar solution to the baking soda and mix. It is also helpful to rub the baking soda to ensure that it gets deep into the surface.

As it fizzes, it lifts any remaining stain and smell. Leave the baking soda until it dries. The time it takes to dry depends on how much vinegar solution you used. After it is dry, clean the baking soda from the surface, and it will then be as good as new.

This YouTube video below explains how you can use vinegar and baking soda to remove pet urine stain and smell:

How Do You Stop Your Pet From Peeing at the Wrong Place?

As much as it is easy to clean pet urine using vinegar, this is not a job that you want to keep on doing every day. Since eliminating the pet is not the solution, the best solution is to keep your pet away from peeing at the wrong place. Some of the ways through which you can do this are:

  • Train your pet. If your pet is still young and is peeing at the wrong place, it is a sign that there is a need for training. In case he is an older pet, you may need to retrain and teach him again where he is supposed to pee.
  • Talk to a vet. In some cases, your pet may pee at the wrong place because of a medical problem. Therefore, if your pet pees typically at the right place but then suddenly changed, visit a veterinarian to confirm whether all is well. Your pet may have a medical problem, such as an infected bladder.
  • Look out for signs that your pet is about to pee. Most pets such as dogs have some signs that will tell you that he is about to pee. For instance, he starts sniffing the floor or cocking his legs. When you realize these and other signs that your pet may have, send him outside and ensure that he stays there until he pees. Here is a YouTube video explaining other signs that your pet is about to pee:


Eliminating pet urine smell is among the dark side of animal ownership that most pet owners hate. Luckily, it is possible to eradicate the scent using readily-available products such as vinegar. It is also possible to train your pet to pee at the right place to eliminate the awful pet urine smell in your house.

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