A good, high-quality dusting cloth is the most useful cleaning tool you can have. It will cut your cleaning time in half and pick up dirt much faster than any old, shaggy rag would. So why don’t people pay more attention to it? And if they do, how could they possibly tell the good from the bad?

Well, to help the cleaning cause along, I’ve decided to put together my ultimate list of the best cleaning cloths. I’ll also break down what you need to know about fabrics and give my thoughts on the reusable vs. disposable debate. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

The Best Types of Fabric for Dusting Cloths

For a dusting cloth to actually work and be good, it has to properly pick up dirt, rather than spread it around. You also want something that’s really absorbent and that you don’t have to wring out every two seconds.

So let’s start with the old-school option, which is the basic cotton cloth. I have nothing against these, they usually work just fine, especially if you’re in a pinch. That being said, I feel like they move the dust around more than they actually pick it up. Also, when you go off to rinse cotton cloths with water, dust and debris will just cling to it, which is a pain in the neck.

You then have these new-fangled electrostatic cloths, which have a negative charge that pulls dust toward them. They can do that because they’re treated with certain types of chemicals. My only problem with electrostatic cloths is that they’re just not as versatile as microfiber ones. Which brings me to my next point.

Let me say this right off the bat — I am a huge fine of microfiber cloths. I think that they, out of all the other fabrics, do the best job. The fibers are soft enough so they can never scratch up your furniture, but they’re still absorbent. What’s more, they’re usually pretty cheap and easy to come by. You also can buy them in different colors, sizes, shapes, and price points.

The Top 7 Microfiber Dusting Cloths on the Market

It’s finally time to show you the absolute best microfiber cloths in the world. I’ve been using some of these for years now, and they still haven’t failed me.

1. VibraWipe Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth from VibraWipe has been a true revelation. This cloth features an 80% polyester and 20% polyamide mix, that feels incredibly soft and plush to the touch. In fact, they’re so soft that you could even use them as washcloths for your face and body.

The VibraWipe cloths come in a pack of eight, and there are four colors per pack. That’s pretty handy because you can easily color-code your cleaning and never mix up your cloths.

So for example, you could use the blue ones for your bathroom, the green for outdoor furniture, yellow for the kitchen, and pink for your skincare. Of course, these are just suggestions of how I’ve divided my cleaning cloths, and you can do whatever works for you.

While I’m on the topic of kitchen cleaning, one of the top reasons I use my microfiber cloths is spills. That’s why I was so happy to find out that VibraWipe’s cloths can hold up to five times their weight in liquid.

You’ll also be happy to know that VibraWipe’s cloths are so versatile that you could use them on computer or phone displays, as well as glasses. You can also clean granite, metal, and glass, which is beyond handy.

VibraWipe also wanted to make sure that its cloths could survive the beating and last you a long time. That’s why these cloths have rounded corners and anti-fray stitching. Also, the company says that its microfiber cloths can endure up to 300 machine washes.

2. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The AmazonBasics Microfiber Cloths have taken the cleaning world by storm, and for good reason. Their ultra-soft texture allows you to use them on plenty of surfaces, including car interiors, electronics, glasses, and furniture.

Now, when it comes to the fabric, the AmazonBasics cleaning cloths are slightly different than the ones from VibraWipe. These are 90% polyester and 10% polyamide, and you can reuse and rewash them hundreds of times.

Even though they’re a tiny bit less soft than VibraWipe, the AmazonBasics have them beat in one area — absorbency. The latter can absorb up to eight times their own weight in liquid.

When you’re shopping on Amazon, you can buy these microfiber cloths in packs of 24, 36, 48, and 144. If you’re just getting them for your home, I definitely wouldn’t recommend the biggest pack. But if you want them for your business, the 144-pack is a good investment.

You can also buy the AmazonBasics cleaning cloths in two color schemes:

 Again, that’s perfect if you want to color-code and use them in various areas of your home. All in all, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular worldwide.

3. DII Microfiber Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels

If you put a high premium on having stylish cleaning cloths, look no further than the DII Microfiber Towels. These adorable microfiber towels come in 10 different styles, each more amazing than the next.

Also, out of the four cloths that come in the pack, two are exactly the same, while the rest vary in color. So you can still color-code your cleaning without any problems.

You can buy the DII microfiber towels in a few sizes, including 12×12 inches, 16×19 inches, and 16×24 inches. I recommend buying a combo of two different sizes so that you have the perfect cloth for every occasion.

Now, the DII towels have the same texture and feel as the VibraWipe, but they’re more absorbent.

However, the thing that made me fall in love with DII’s towels is that they can be used both dry and damp. When the cloths are dry, the microfiber has a positive charge that will attract grease, dust, and dirt. Of course, for those more persistent stains, you can use the towels when they’re damp.

Like the previous three cloths that I talked about, DII’s are pretty versatile. You can clean your kitchen, bathroom, car, and glass. Thanks to the microfiber fabric, you don’t have to use any other cleaning products with it.

4. Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from Zwipes have been in my home for a really long time, and they’re a true staple. The Zwipes come in a couple of different packs, and you can get 12, 24, 36, and 48. Also, all of the cloths, no matter which pack you get, are 12×16 inches.

The color scheme is neon yellow, green, and blue, which isn’t bad. However, the green and yellow look pretty similar, so it’s more difficult to color-code with these than with DII or AmazonBasics.

One cool thing about the Zwipes is that they’re highly absorbent, and they can take up to eight times their weight in liquid. That’s all thanks to the 110,000 fibers per square inch construction. So not only will your Zwipe cloths clean up the spills, but they’ll also take care of any dust and dirt without any dusting spray.

The 110,000 fibers are also what make the Zwipe microfiber cloths so soft and plush. There’s absolutely no chance that they could scratch your furniture, which means you can use them everywhere around the house. You can also clean your mirrors, glasses, and so much more.

Another thing that I like about these cloths is that they come in awesome, hassle-free packaging. If you’re someone who has reduced mobility in your hands, you’ll be able to open the Zwipes in just a few seconds.

5. Guardsman Wood Furniture Dusting Cloths

Don’t let the name fool you; The Guardsman Wood Furniture Dusting Cloths are extremely versatile. You can use them anywhere around your home, backyard, and car; not just on wood furniture. For example, you can clean blinds, car interiors, appliances, ceiling fans, walls, mirrors, and so much more.

The reason that the Guardsman cloths are so good is that they’re treated with some special, secret chemical. That allows them to capture two times more dust than any other microfiber cloth on the market.

Also, that chemical helps reduce the allergens in your air, and the dust won’t fly all over the place when you clean. That makes Guardsman’s cloths the perfect choice for those of you who are allergic or sensitive to dust.

Another great thing about Guardsman’s cloths is that you can fold them over a few times, and wrap them around most sweepers. Then, in just a few easy steps, you can clean your floors, as well.

Here’s my only issue with the Guardsman cloths — the washing up. Unlike all of the microfiber cloths that I’ve mentioned, you can’t throw this one in the washing machine and forget about it.

You have to hand wash it after every use with mild detergent, lukewarm water, and leave it to air dry. While that’s not a dealbreaker for me, it’s kind of tiresome to have to hand wash it every time.

6. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Do you love cooking but hate the mess that you have to clean up every time? So do I, which is why I was ecstatic when I came across these Pro Chef Kitchen Cloths. They have these little handles or loops that allow you to easily pin or clamp them anywhere in your kitchen, which is super handy.

The Pro Chef kitchen cloths are also much larger than regular cloths, and they’re great at handling bigger spills. In fact, they can absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid, which is pretty impressive.

But that’s not even the most impressive thing about Pro Chef. You see, these cloths were designed to clean every single nook and cranny of your kitchen. That’s why you can use them to polish stainless steel, glassware, and countertops. With just a few drops of water, and literally no cleaning solution, you can make your entire kitchen sparkle.

Of course, just because it’s your kitchen’s new best friend, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in other parts of your home. The Pro Chef cloths will work wonders on the interior and exterior of your car, bathroom, and other spaces.

That being said, I wouldn’t actually recommend using the Pro Chef cloths to remove grime and dirt. They are pretty expensive, and they’ll last you longer if you stick to polishing and light dusting.

7. The Rag Company All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth

If you’re looking for something that you can use on pretty much any surface, that’s also not expensive, I’d recommend The Rag Company Cloth. It’s soft, plushy, big (16×16 inches, to be exact), and just awesome.

You can also buy The Rag Company cloths in a ton of different colors, and they came as a pack of 12. There are 200,000 fibers per square inch, which means that these cloths are super absorbent. Also, they would never scratch your furniture, no matter how hard you scrub with them.

They’re really easy to clean, and all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine at a low temperature after every use. Now, The Rag Company says that this makes the cloths softer, but I’m not too sure about that. I mean, at some point, I’m guessing when they’re over 100 washes, they’ll start to lint a bit. But hey, that’s still pretty impressive in my book.

The premium 80% polyester and 20% polyamide blend is amazing and makes the cloths super durable. What’s more, these are supposed to be antibacterial and can remove up to 99% of bacteria. What’s great about that is that you don’t need to use any cleaning products to keep your home both dust and bacteria-free.

Dusting With a Wet Cloth vs. a Dry One

When it comes to cleaning and dusting, everyone has their own unique style. Some like to start with their kitchens, others with their furniture, and then there are those who start with their floors. Now, that’s something I will never understand.

But my point is that there’s usually no right or wrong cleaning technique (unless you’re starting with the floors, in which case you should reevaluate your strategy). Remember, it’s always top to bottom.

That being said, when it comes to the wet vs. dry cloth debate, there’s really one correct solution — damp. Here’s the deal; If you were to use a dry cloth, you’d be able to dust your furniture (to a certain extent). But pretty soon, instead of wiping, your rag would just be moving the dust all over the place.

On the other hand, if you were to use a soaking-wet cloth, you’d have a bigger mess than what you started with. So for optimal results, your cloth shouldn’t be too wet or dry, it needs to be damp. Kind of like Goldilocks’ porridge.

There’s really no magical explanation as to why a damp cloth does the best job. It’s simply to do with the fact that dust clings better to wet surfaces, and the particles won’t just fly off it.

Reusable or Disposable Dusting Cloths: Which Are Better?

Another age-old debate that I want to settle is whether reusable or disposable cloths are better. Some people vouch for one type, while others condemn it, but that kind of thinking is all wrong.

Both reusable and disposable cloths serve different purposes, and there are specific scenarios when you can use them. Allow me to break it down.

Reusable Cloths

Reusable dusting cloths are more widespread than their disposable counterparts because they’re cheaper. Since you can wash and use them anywhere between 100 and 1000 times, they easily offset the price of microfiber.

And even though it seems like buying a reusable microfiber cloth is the more eco-friendly solution, that’s not always the case. Because you have to wash reusable cloths after every use, you’ll use up gallons upon gallons of water.

Here’s another issue with reusable cloths — cross-contamination. If you don’t wash your microfiber rags properly, and you’re using them for different areas of your home, you could be introducing germs that only live in the bathroom to your kitchen, for example. Cross-contamination is why most hospitals nowadays avoid using reusable cloths.

Disposable Cloths

On the other hand, disposable cloths are really handy to use because they’re already coated with a cleaning solution. So instead of buying a reusable cloth and a dusting spray, you could just get a disposable cloth.

Also, since you’re throwing them away after use, you don’t have to wash them and waste water. There’s also no chance that you can cross-contaminate rooms or tools.

But disposable cloths are, of course, not without their faults. For starters, they’re much more expensive than reusable ones. They’re also rarely biodegradable, which means that they’ll just be sitting in landfills for ages.

So right now, there’s really no perfect solution and no definitive answer on which cloths are better, disposable or reusable. My advice is to consider the needs of your home and business, and figure out what’s important to you.

The Best Disposable Dusting Cloths

If you work somewhere where cross-contamination could be potentially deadly, stay on the safe side and buy disposable dusting cloths. These are my top three picks.

1. WypAll Extended Use Cloths

Now, the WypAll Extended Use Cloths work wonders on big spills and grease spots. These disposable cloths feature a patented HydroKnit technology that allows them to soak up fluids and wick away moisture. Supposedly, they will do a much better job of absorbing fluid and oil than most commercial rags.

The WypAll cloths come with 160 sheets, which is pretty impressive, given the low price. They also come in this really nifty tissue box that allows you to easily pull them out. What’s more, if you had dirt or grease on your hands, you wouldn’t be able to transfer it to any other cloths in the box.

I particularly like using the WypAll cloths in my house on those grimy, and dirty areas, like the stovetop and oven. You could also use them to clean your car, especially if you work as a mechanic or detail cars. Because they not only clean, they also degrease, they’re the perfect choice for any heavy-duty machinery.

What’s also great about the WypAll cloths is that they’re pretty big, which means that they can cover a large surface area. But if you want, you can also cut them up into smaller pieces, using a pair of kitchen scissors. That way, you’ll get more cloths of different sizes.

2. Medline Ultrasoft Disposable Cleansing Cloths

When it comes to versatility, there are literally no disposable cloths on the market better than the ones from Medline. You can use these to clean every single part of your home, including furniture, mirrors, and appliances. But that’s not even the most impressive part.

Medline says that its cloths are so soft, you could use them on your skin to remove makeup, apply skincare, and cleanse your face. You could also use them with just a few drops of water to replace baby wipes. Since these disposable cloths aren’t treated with any chemicals, they’re perfectly safe to use on sensitive skin.

The Medline cloths also come with 50 wipes per pack, and 10 packs, which totals 500 wipes. Honestly, there’s no other cloth on the market, disposable or reusable, that could beat that price and quantity.

The UltraSoft cloths from Medline are also pretty big, and they’re 10×13 inches. Again, if you need smaller wipes, you could easily cut up a few and have a variety of sizes. 

3. Brawny Yellow Disposable Dusting Cloths

The Brawny Yellow Dusting Cloths are another one of those staple products that every home should have. You can buy these in two different sizes: 17×24 inches and 24×24 inches. No matter which size you get, you’ll receive 50 wipes per pack, and 4 packs, for a total of 200 cloths.

The Brawny Yellow cloths are made from a soft carded rayon, which is non-abrasive. Also, each cloth has a special coating, which allows it to attract and capture dust. That means that you can use these disposable cloths on pretty much any dusty area of your home, but I wouldn’t recommend using them on your skin.

While I do think that the Brawny Yellow cloths are fantastic, the one issue I have with them is the packaging. Unlike WypAll, it’s not a tissue box situation, and you only get a small plastic case. Basically, if you’ve got dirt on your hands, it’s almost impossible to take just one cloth out of the pack without transferring the dirt onto the cloth below it.

To Sum Up

Even though you might not see as many flashy ads for dusting cloths as you would for other household products, they’re still an integral part of every home. Instead of using kitchen towels or napkins, it’s a much better (and more eco-friendly) idea to get yourself some cloths that can last you for months or years on end.

But before pulling the trigger, consider where and how you plan on using your dusting cloths. If you’re worried about cross-contamination, just get the disposable ones. On the other hand, if you don’t think that that’s an issue for your home, get reusable cloths, and save yourself some money.

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