A small room can quickly make you feel restricted – not only when it comes to being in the room, but also when you try to decorate the area. Adding just a couple of decorations to the room can quickly take up more space and make it feel even smaller. This is an issue that a lot of people tend to face when they are trying to give their house a facelift – fitting those smaller rooms with the right accessories to make it look good without causing the room to look like it shrunk even further.

The good news here is that there are many techniques that you can use if you wish to make a small room look bigger. One of the most effective ways to get that room to feel larger is to adopt a minimalistic approach to its decoration. This means having as little items as possible in the environment.

In addition to using a minimal decorative approach, there are other ways that you can significantly improve the spaciousness of a small room in your house. One important strategy to take into consideration is the colors that you use in the room. In this post, we take a look at a few ways that you can use specific colors to make a small room look bigger.

Colors That Will Make Your Smaller Rooms Feel Even More Cramped

First, you should take note of certain colors that can actually take away from the spacious illusion that you might want a small room in your house to possess. We start with this as combining these colors with the specific color varieties that could make a room look bigger is likely to interfere with the goal that you are trying to achieve.

The main thing to consider when choosing paint colors or any type of decoration that will go into the room is that the darker the color, the smaller the area will seem. Paint a room black, and it will suddenly feel much smaller than it really is. The same goes for the furniture, curtains, and other items that you place in the room.

If you prefer dark-colored couches and cabinets, for example, this may take away from the illusion of a larger room that you are trying to achieve through the strategies proposed in this article.

Colors to Prefer When Making a Small Room Look Bigger

While darker colors will make a small room look even smaller, light colors, on the other hand, tend to help with the illusion of a larger area. A light color will help to brighten up any room in the house and create the opposite effect that dark colors, such as black, will have in a specific environment.

When it comes to looking at how color plays a role in making a small room feel brighter and bigger, you most likely do not want to use white as the color for every single item placed in the room. This could create a very simplistic appearance, but will definitely not be ideal for everyone – especially in cases where you have pets and children that may stain your brand new set of white couches.

For this reason, when talking about light colors, you really need to look beyond just white. Even though the term “light colors” mainly causes a person to think about painting their walls white and hanging the same colored curtains, there are ways to incorporate some additional colors into the room while still being able to maintain that illusion that you wish the room to offer.

Painting the Walls

First up, consider the colors that you will use to paint the walls. It is always a good idea to experiment with multiple colors in a single room – particularly when it comes to painting. This can not only add to the overall aesthetics of the room but could potentially further contribute to making that room feel bigger for anyone who steps inside.

While we have mentioned that white is certainly not your only option when it comes to adding light colors to a small room, you should consider painting the ceiling white. This will create an illusion of a taller room – which immediately makes the room feel bigger upon entering.

Once the ceiling has been painted white, the next step is to consider the color that you will use for the walls.

When it comes to painting the walls, you could choose to use the same colored paint for the doors as well. This will create a more integrated feeling in the room. In other cases, you might want to be a little more creative – this call for walls and doors that feature different colors.

Some excellent color choices that go hand-in-hand with the white ceiling would include:

  • Purple is definitely a good choice. While not everyone’s favorite color, purple is usually considered a wild color. Do note that the shade of purple you choose should not be too dark, as this would, as we have noted previously, make the room feel smaller again. Choose a light or vibrant purple color. Consider something like the Prestige Paints P500-T-MQ4-59.
  • If you prefer something more neutral, but you do not want to go with pure white, then consider a beige paint color for the walls. The great thing about beige color is that it has been considered “in style” for quite a significant period of time – and the color will surely not be considered out of style anytime soon.
  • You can never go wrong with a light grey color. If you find yourself uncertain about a specific color and prefer not to go with white, then consider a grey option – just make sure the color reaches closer to white than it does to black. The Prestige Paints P500-P-MQ3-25 option is a good one if you want to go with a light grey color.

Decorating the Room

Once the painting is out of the way, you should closely consider the additional colors that you wish to incorporate into the room. When you choose decorations and furniture pieces for the room, make sure that they match with the color scheme that you selected for the ceiling, walls, and, of course, the doors.

If you have a neutral color, including a light grey, in the living room, you could choose to opt for a white couch set and add a few yellow pillows. If you do feel daring, you might even opt for something like the Novogratz Tellulah Memory Foam Couch in a Mustard Yellow color.

Wall décor should also fit the color scheme of the interior that you decided to opt for. Also, consider adding a few floating shelves instead of cupboards – this helps to reduce the amount of floor space used. Opt for a simple and light color to continue taking advantage of the spacious feeling that comes with such options.


A common issue that most people will run into is a restriction in the amount of space available in at least one room within the house. When this room is not used often, it might not pose a serious problem.

On the other hand, if you find that your main bedroom or perhaps your living room lacks space, then you might want to learn how you can make the area appear larger. We looked at how you can use certain colors to your advantage – by incorporating these colors into the environment, and you will find that an illusion of a larger living area is immediately created.

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