Weeks or months ago, you decided to use double-sided tape. It was awesome, and it served its purpose well on your wall, but you have now decided you wanted to get rid of the tape. So, how do you remove double-sided tape from walls?

The easiest way to remove double-sided tape from walls is by using heat to lessen its adhesiveness. However, using packaging tape, a razor blade, or a chopstick also works. Besides that, you can buy adhesive removers, petroleum jelly, or create a vinegar solution.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn how to remove double-sided tape from walls using:

  • Tissue and flat iron
  • Hairdryer
  • Packaging tape
  • Razorblade
  • Chopstick
  • Adhesive remover
  • Vinegar mixture
  • Petroleum jelly

Moreover, you’ll understand how to remove adhesive residue stuck on a wall. 

1. Use Tissue and Flat Iron

To remove double-sided tape from a wall using tissue and flat iron, start by gathering your materials. Then, take four layers of tissue and place it on top of the tape.

Hold the tissue steady on one corner with your left hand, and reach out to the flat iron with your right hand. Once you have the flat iron on hand, simply iron the tissue on top of the tape.

Note that the flat iron has to be hot when you do this. Additionally, be careful not to scald yourself with the heat.

Here’s a quick YouTube guide from Md. Mridul Kabiraz about removing double-sided tape using tissue and flat iron:

2. Use a Hairdryer

Using a hairdryer to remove double-sided tape from walls follows the same principle that the flat iron and tissue combo does. By introducing heat to the adhesive, you’re breaking down the molecules that allowed it to bond and stick in the first place.

To use the hairdryer to peel off double-sided tape from a surface, simply plug it in and then aim and fire at the tape. You need to heat the tape for at least two minutes before attempting to peel it off.

A great example of double-sided tape removal using a hairdryer is from Wicky Vibes on YouTube: 

3. Use Packaging Tape

If you happen to have plenty of tape types lying around, rummage through your belongings for a packaging tape. As you may already know, they’re quite versatile.

It also turns out that they can be used to remove double-sided tape from walls. To remove double-sided tape from a wall using packaging tape, you simply need to stick the packaging tape on top of the double-sided tape and then pull it off.

Do this process repeatedly until the tape is fully gone. 

For a better view of how it’s done, check out Ed Mehr’s clear YouTube clip here:

4. Use a Razor Blade

If you’re not too concerned about damaging your paint or wallpaper, you can use a razor blade to remove double-sided tape from walls. To do this, just scrape the tape using a razor blade. You can use a credit card or any other flat object as an alternative.

5. Use a Chopstick

If you want a gentler way of removing double-sided tape from walls, you can use a chopstick instead. However, this method will require a great amount of patience and time.

To peel off double-sided tape using a chopstick, you’ll have to slowly and gently guide the tape off of the wall using the chopstick. 

For a better illustration of this method, watch Jann on YouTube:

6. Use an Adhesive Remover

One of the easiest methods to remove double-sided tape on walls is to utilize an adhesive remover. The only catch is that you’ll be spending to remove the tape and maybe even waiting for its delivery if you choose to order it.

Goo Gone Goo & Adhesive Remover from Amazon is one of the most well-known effective adhesive removers on the market. It can remove anything that sticks anywhere, and it comes with instructions on how to use it.

7. Use a Vinegar Mixture

Vinegar is known as a good solvent, so you can use it to help you peel off double-sided tape from walls as well. To do this, mix vinegar with equal parts of warm water and place it on a spray bottle. 

Then, spray the mixture on the tape a couple of times and let it sit for some minutes. Once that’s done, try pulling the tape off. Keep repeating the process until the tape fully peels off.

8. Use Petroleum Jelly

Another well-known product for removing sticky things is WD-40. It’s a degreaser that will work wonders when removing both double-sided tape and its residue. If you’re unsure of where you can locally buy it from, you can order WD-40 Cleaner & Degreaser on Amazon.

However, if you don’t want to buy it at all and you happen to have petroleum jelly on hand, you can use that as a substitute. Using petroleum jelly will require a lot of patience since it’s more suited to remove the tape residue rather than the double-sided tape itself.

To peel off double-sided tape using either WD-40 or petroleum jelly, apply the substance on the tape and let it sit for a while. Then, pull off the tape. Repeat the application and pull off the process until the tape is gone.

How to Remove Adhesive Residue From Walls

Of course, after you’ve removed the double-sided tape from walls, there’s a chance that you’ll be left with tape residue. So, your next move is to wonder how to remove adhesive residue from walls.

To remove adhesive residue from walls, you can use a dishwashing liquid and hot water solution. The combination of these two is great at removing the stickiness left on walls. Alternatively, you can use any of the items above, such as the adhesive remover, packaging tape, and hairdryer.

Similarly, you can watch this YouTube guide from EHow, which shows you a gentle way of removing tape residue from walls without damaging the wall:

On the other hand, if you’re not too concerned about having lumpy-looking spots on your walls, you can simply paint the residues over. When you paint the residue from the double-sided tape, it won’t be sticky anymore.

However, when you choose that option, you’ll have a slightly uneven wall.

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The Best Way to Remove Double-Sided Tape From Walls

The best way to remove double-sided tape from walls is one that suits your needs and preferences. It should be achievable and not cause you distress or frustration. Likewise, the materials needed to remove the tape should be obtainable to you.

If you’re alright with scraping your walls and possibly damaging its wallpaper or paint, you can remove the tape using a razor blade or just forcefully pull it off. 

However, if you’re trying not to damage your walls while removing the tape, you can use the gentler ways of peeling off double-sided tape. You can choose to spray the wall with various solutions and utilize a flat iron, packaging tape, or a chopstick.

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Final Thoughts

The most convenient way to remove double-sided tape from walls is to utilize heat to lessen the tape’s adhesiveness. However, you may also use packaging tape, razor blade, chopsticks, and adhesive removers.

When removing double-sided tape from your walls or deciding which method to use, consider the amount of damage you’re willing to endure on your walls. Some of these methods won’t cause any damage to your wall, while others may scrape its paint or wallpaper off.

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  1. I used a WD40 type product on the white walls to remove residue from double sided tape. It worked well and quickly, and left no stain on the wall. Thanks for your helpful site.

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