Installing a peephole on your front door is an excellent way to boost your home’s security and have peace of mind when inside. The affordable security feature is installed on any front door that could be composite, wood, steel, or fiberglass. A peephole is a convenient safety feature that you can’t afford to ignore, but what should be its ideal height?

If you are wondering how high to install a door peephole, the rule of thumb is 4-5.5 feet or 54-64 inches from the ground. However, this depends on a lot of factors, as some people could find this height limiting. Every adult in the household should look through the peephole without struggling.

Read on to learn more about what to consider when installing a door peephole, how it’s done on different types of doors, and deciding on the height.

Types of Peepholes

There are two styles of peepholes—old and modern versions.

  • Old peepholes. They limit a viewer’s vision of what is ahead, which prevents you from seeing an intruder who may be out of view.
  • Modern peepholes. They have a prism on the door’s exterior, which gives you who is inside a wide-angle view of the whole area.

A few peepholes give you a distortion-free view of the outside some feet away from your door. Also, some peepholes are designed to allow handicapped people, including those visually impaired, to know if there’s an intruder.

How Do Peepholes Work?

Peepholes are tiny holes on the door that allow you to look at what’s happening on the other side. They consist of two parts-the the lens/viewer body and exterior prism cover from the outside.

Through this lens, you get to see who wants to get inside the house, meaning they act as access control. Both pieces screw together in the middle of the door. As a homeowner, you get the power to control who has access to your property.

If you are worried about peepholes being safe, you can relax as they are made with a one-way lens. That means the person outside can’t look inside to see you or your property. This guarantees your privacy.

Are Peepholes Mandatory?

Although peepholes are essential, they are not mandatory. However, some states like Texas require peepholes on most buildings like condos, apartments, and hotels. Nonetheless, the requirements differ based on the building type. You may need to check your state’s rental codes to see if you are required to install a peephole in your rental unit.

How High Should You Install a Door Peephole?

One of the critical aspects that you need to evaluate when installing a door peephole is how high you need it mounted. As a homeowner, you can decide on what height you are comfortable placing the peephole. The average height that everyone in the family can access is between four and five feet.

Anyone who can open the door should look through the peephole comfortably. Nevertheless, it would be best to consider future homeowners should you decide to sell or rent out.

In cases where a peephole needs to comply with the Disabled Discrimination Act, you may need to install two peepholes with a four-foot height position from the bottom of the door.

Nonetheless, the typical height is about three feet high. 

Installing a Door Peephole the Right Way

Installing a door peephole is a simple process if you have the necessary tools. For you to get started, you’ll need tools like:

  • A power drill to cut a hole
  • Measuring tape to line up your desired height
  • A pencil or marker pen to point the location of the peephole
  • Safety gloves and glasses
  • Silicon sealant
  • Stool/ladder (optional)

After getting the required tools, it’s time to get your peephole fitted. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Choose the Type of Peephole You Need

You need to decide whether you want the typical peephole that comes with clear glass in a metal tube or opt for the wide-angle door viewer. The traditional one doesn’t allow the person outside to see what is inside. However, the wide-angle door viewer allows you to see what’s outside the door and below the level and some feet to both ends. The only downside is that it’s costly.

Set the Right Height

While the height can vary depending on the family members, the average height is between four and five feet from the ground. Find a height that is convenient for those inside the house and mark it with a pencil.

Prepare the Installation

Use the drill bit to put a mounting hole. Drill slowly to avoid damaging the door. Drill at a ninety-degree angle as the viewer needs to be straight at eye-level. Place the drill perpendicularly to the door. You can use a sanding pad to make your work easier. Sand the hole on both ends to have a smooth finish.

Mount the Peephole

Place a thin layer of silicon on the inside area where the peephole will get into. Then, mount the two pieces through each side of the door. The sealant also prevents entry of moisture, while offering a tight hold. Be careful with this step as you want to ensure the unit is installed properly and works.

Give the silicone adhesive time to dry before trying out the peephole. You can leave it for 7-8 hours to dry. You can use a wide screwdriver to tighten the peephole. The process of installing a peephole takes less than ten minutes when you have the right tools.

Caulk the area around the peephole to seal any air spaces or gaps. Sometimes you may not need to add caulk depending on the size of the hole. Caulk also works for odd-sized peepholes.


If you are wondering how high to install a door peephole, the recommended height is four to five and a half feet. You can choose to do it yourself or pay a pro to get the work done. It’s one of the simplest renovations you can do. No matter the type of peephole you settle for, ensure that you use it for extra security.

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