Fabuloso is a multi-purpose liquid cleaner and protector. It’s great for removing dirt, grease, and stains from hard surfaces like floors. Fabuloso cleans tile and laminate without a problem, but can you use it on wood floors?

Fabuloso can be used only on sealed wood floors. Sealed wood floors have a protective coating that prevents Fabuloso from penetrating into the wood. Using Fabuloso on unsealed wood can cause it to warp and crack. When used on sealed wood floors, Fabuloso removes all dirt and grime.

The rest of this article will explain whether you can use Fabuloso on wood floors and other wood surfaces, what to avoid when using Fabuloso, and the different types of Fabuloso products for wood floors.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood?

You can use Fabuloso products on wood. However,  you should only use it on sealed wood surfaces. A sealed wood surface has a protective layer of polyurethane varnish that doesn’t allow moisture to get into your wooden items.

Wood is very porous. So, unsealed wooden surfaces absorb any liquid substance placed on the surface. Wood swells when it comes into contact with moisture, which can distort the shape of the wooden surface, causing damage.

In addition, when the temperatures are high, the absorbed liquid may evaporate, causing drying and cracking of the already expanded wood surface.

Therefore, it’s most advisable to use Fabuloso products only to clean sealed wooden surfaces. Due to the protective coat on the hard wooden surface, applying Fabuloso mixture with water doesn’t risk damaging the floor.

Instead, it cleans the floor to spick-and-span, leaving a refreshing fragrance afterward.

Fabuloso will remove the dirt and disinfect the sealed wooden floor space without damaging the coat, ensuring maximum cleanliness. This factor implies that the all-purpose cleaner effectively removes dirt and eliminates germs lingering on surfaces.

In addition, Fabuloso is specially formulated to ensure that its perfume doesn’t trigger allergic reactions. Fabuloso’s core ingredients are non-hazardous to both people and the environment. Therefore, the product has no adverse impact upon inhalation.

Best Practice When Using Fabuloso on Wood Floors

Although Fabuloso is pretty safe and highly effective at cleaning your wood floors, there are a few things that you should know before you use it. So, let’s go over the best practices when using Fabuloso to ensure your floors stay squeaky clean.

Pre-Sweep the Sealed Wooden Floor and Other Target Surface

Always pre-sweep the sealed wooden surface that you intend to clean before properly mopping using a mix of Fabuloso and water. This ensures that you don’t waste your precious Fabuloso as you can get most of the dirt and grime off with a wet cloth.

Prepare a Balanced Mixture of Fabuloso and Water

Mix ¼ cup of your selected Fabuloso product with a gallon of water.

Preferably, the water should be hot or at least at room temperature for maximum cleaning power. Using too much Fabuloso can make it hard to rinse your floors afterward. Too little — your floors won’t get thoroughly cleaned.

Use Spraying Bottles for Wood Floors

You should spray the Fabuloso-water mix directly from a spray bottle on wood floors. This is the easiest way to clean any hard surface as it allows you to get an even coat. It also makes it much easier to wipe off the Fabuloso and water mixture once you’re done cleaning.

Always Rinse Wiping Cloth/Sponge Between Sweeps

Rinse the clothing or sponge with clean water to avoid sweep marks after cleaning. Continue to spray the surface with the cleaner mix and wipe with the rinsed sponge or apparel. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the level of cleanliness.

What to Avoid When Using Fabuloso on Wood Floors

Now that you know how to use Fabuloso to clean your nice hardwood floors, let’s go over a few practices you should avoid.

Never Use Fabuloso on Unsealed Wood Floors

Cleaning unsealed wood can pose a great challenge. Although unsealed wood has a warm, rustic appeal, it tends to absorb any liquids that come into contact. This can cause the wood to bulge out, deform, and eventually crack.

Therefore, only use Fabuloso products on sealed wood floors. You can easily tell that your floors are sealed if they have a glossy finish that feels more like plastic than wood to the touch.

Don’t Use Steaming Hot Water with Fabuloso

Due to the variety of attractive scents and fragrances used in Fabuloso products and the fact that warm water is good at cleaning, you might be tempted to use hot water. However, you should never expose your wood floors or Fabuloso to high temperatures. Anything above room temperature should never come in contact with Fabuloro and wood.

Don’t Add Chlorine Bleach to Fabuloso Products

Adding bleach may lead to chemical reactions with constituents of Fabuloso products, emitting toxic fumes. Instead, Fabuloso provides a variety of bleach alternatives within its product differentiations that work great as surface disinfectants and harsh stain removers.

For stubborn stains, use Fabuloso Complete Floral products. They’re both effective and safe for wood floors. In addition, they have fragrances that leave a striking scent of freshness even after cleaning.

The Different Types of Fabuloso Cleaners

Fabuloso is a product manufactured by the Colgate Company, targeting all-purpose cleaning needs in households. The Product’s signature fragrance varieties and effective cleaning and disinfecting qualities prop the product as one of the best multi-purpose cleaners for household use.

There are several Fabuloso brand products in the marketplace, tailored for specific household usage for optimal cleaning effectiveness. These include:

  • Fabuloso® Lavender
  • Fabuloso® Refreshing Lemon
  • Fabuloso® Passion of Fruits®
  • Fabuloso® Ocean Paradise®
  • Fabuloso® Citrus and Fruits with Baking Soda
  • Fabuloso® Tropical Spring
  • Fabuloso® Spring in Bloom
  • Fabuloso® Spring Fresh with Bleach Alternative
  • Fabuloso® Complete Sparkling Citrus
  • Fabuloso® Complete Cool Mist
  • Fabuloso® Complete Floral Burst

Please refer to the table below for a quick breakdown of each product.

Type of Fabuloso®ScentSafe for Wood Floors?Other Usages
Fabuloso®Lavender, Refreshing Lemon, Passion of Fruits, Ocean Paradise, Citrus and Fruits, Tropical Spring, Spring in Bloom, Spring FreshYes; Sealed wood onlyDisinfecting clothing, cleaning kitchen counters, sanitizing bathroom surfaces, wiping faucets, washing semi-gloss walls
Fabuloso® Complete Floral Burst and Cool MistFloral Burst and Cool MistYes; Sealed wood onlyDisinfecting clothing, cleaning kitchen counters, sanitizing bathroom surfaces, wiping faucets, washing semi-gloss walls
Fabuloso® Complete Sparkling CitrusSparkling CitrusYes; Sealed wood onlyDisinfecting clothing, cleaning kitchen counters, sanitizing bathroom surfaces, wiping faucets, washing semi-gloss walls

Fabuloso® (All Scents)

For people who love to maintain clean house spaces at least 99% of the time, Fabuloso® is a great go-to product. You can add Fabuloso® liquid to a spraying bottle and mix it with water with a ratio of 1:4.

This cleaning tip ensures quick cleaning of sealed wood surfaces as you spray the Fabuloso mix on the surface and then gently wipe.

That said, it’s crucial to never use Fabuloso on unsealed wood flooring, as the cleaning solution can seep into the floorboards and cause warping and mold growth.

Fabuloso® comes with various fragrances that leave a refreshing scent. You can choose from:

  • Lavender
  • Ocean Paradise
  • Tropical Spring
  • Spring in Bloom
  • Refreshing Lemon
  • Passion of Fruits
  • Spring Fresh with Bleach Alternative
  • Citrus and Fruits with Baking Soda

Fabuloso® Complete Floral Burst and Cool Mist

This product is an aggressive all-purpose Fabuloso cleaner variety formulated for deep cleaning. Its formulation contains hydrogen peroxide and other active ingredients, making it effective for removing tough stains on most hard surfaces.

Notably, hydrogen peroxide is a popular cleaning fluid for sealed wood floors. However, it’s crucial to use it in moderation. Otherwise, you could end up whitening your dark wood flooring.

Be sure to dilute your Fabuloso cleaner (¼ cup per gallon of water) before applying it to wood floors. Additionally, Fabuloso products should only be used on sealed wood flooring, never on raw unsealed floors.

Fabuloso® Complete Floral Burst and Cool Mist’s attractive cleaning qualities include:

  • Effective removal of limescale.
  • Leaves the surfaces smelling fragrant.
  • Suitable for use nearly across all hard surfaces, including hard wooden floors, walls, etc.
  • Effective grease stain remover.

Fabuloso® Complete Sparkling Citrus

It’s an all-purpose cleaner, just like the previous varieties of the Fabuloso brand of cleaners, only that unlike the floral burst and cool mist, it doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.

As such, it’s slightly safer on sealed and unsealed wood floors than other types of Fabuloso cleaner. Of course, you can use Fabuloso® Complete Sparkling Citrus on multiple surfaces.

Fabuloso® Complete Sparkling Citrus effectively removes grease stains and limescale on hard surfaces like bathtubs and sink faucets. You can also use this citrus-scented multipurpose cleaner to wipe down semi-gloss walls and clean laminate flooring.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso products are multi-purpose cleaners suitable for sealed wood floors. It also leaves a refreshing scent in the room after cleaning.

You can safely use it on any sealed wood surface as it won’t damage the varnish. However, don’t use it on unsealed wood as it can cause it to warp and crack.

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