A squeaky doorknob can be quite an irritation in your home, especially at night. Just as you start to doze off after getting into bed, you hear that squeaky sound every time someone uses a specific door in your house. The good news is that the squeaky door handle that is keeping you awake at night is likely making noises due to simple issues that you can easily solve. There are, however, some cases where the knob may be damaged – and this might require a replacement of the handle.

We take a closer look at why your door handle may be squeaky and give you the best solutions for fixing this problem for good. We also consider a few useful items that will help you get your doorknob to stop squeaking permanently.

Why Door Handles Become Squeaky

There are actually a few different reasons why a door handle in your house may become squeaky whenever someone enters or exits the room. The most common issue that most people find when they are looking to learn how to fix a squeaky door handle is a lack of lubrication. This causes the materials used in the construction of the door handle – both inside and outside the product – to grind on each other when the knob is turned, or the handle is used.

While a lack of lubrication is a common concern, there are other reasons why a door handle might become squeaky, as well. Rust, for example, is one particular concern that should also be taken into account. When certain parts of the door handle are broken, perhaps due to excessive force being used to open and close the door, this may be another area of concern that leads to the development of squeaky sounds.

Identifying the Problem

Before you start implementing steps to fix a squeaky door handle, it is definitely a good idea to first consider why the problem might have developed. As we have noted, there are different reasons why a door handle may become squeaky – so it is important that you explore all of the potential causes before implementing a method to help you fix the issue.

The best way to identify a potential problem is actually to remove the door handle. This will help you see if there is any rust affecting the internal structures of the door handle. You will need some screwdrivers to complete this step. A kit like the Wiha 30299 Pro Tool Set is a great option, as this gives you more screwdrivers to choose from – making it easier to find the one that fits the screws used in your door handle.

Once you have removed the door handle, it is time to do some investigation. Take a closer look at the handle itself, as well as the lock that is fitted on the inside of the door. Rust that affects any two of these structures can cause problems, such as squeaky sounds to be emitted whenever used.

Best Ways to Fix a Squeaky Door Handle

Learning how to fix a squeaky door handle becomes a much easier task when you decide to take the handle off the door and inspect in on both the inside and the outside. This way, you can identify potential issues that are affecting your door handle and take appropriate action from this point on.

In most cases where you find that the door handle squeaks, the issue behind the noise will be related to poor lubrication. If this is the case, then the most obvious solution to eliminating the noise is to use an appropriate lubricating solution.

While there are many different options that you can choose from if you decide to use a lubricant in your door handle, the most popular option would definitely be the WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease. This is not only one of the more effective options that you can take advantage of, but also a grease that comes at a very attractive price tag.

An alternative would be the WD-40 490043 Multi-Use Lubricant with Smart Straw Spray. This product comes with a “smart straw” attached to the tip, giving you greater accuracy while spraying the lubricate into smaller areas of your door handle’s interior compartments.

Once you have adequately lubricated the interior area of the door handle, the next step is to fasten the handle again onto your door.

When you fasten the door handle again, it would definitely be a good idea to consider adding new screws to the structure. This will help to give a better grip to the door handle. Most door handles come with a plate fitted at the back of the handle itself – make sure to fasten this plate properly as well. When the plate is loose, it will surely cause a squeaky sound to be emitted whenever the door handle is used.

The KS Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze Wood Screws offers you a high-quality set of screws at a reasonable price. These will also fit perfectly into wooden materials, but can still be used to fasten the steel-type door handle to the wooden door.

If these tips do not seem to help you on the journey to learning how to fix a squeaky door handle, then you should consider replacing the handle – especially if thorough lubrication does not yield a reduction in the noise.


When a door handle in your house starts to squeak every time someone uses it, this can become a major concern – especially when you are trying to sleep at night. With just a few simple steps, however, you can easily fix this type of issue and get rid of the annoyance brought on by the squeaky handle. We shared some essential tips to help you learn how to fix a squeaky door handle in your home.

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